Private Coaching

Interested to learn the sport of weightlifting recreationally or as part of your program as an athlete? The Training Geek provides private coaching for those who want the attention to detail to their lifting and use weightlifting movements to achieve their specific goals. These private coaching sessions are also good as introductory sessions for those who want to make sure their technique is polished up before they partake in the weightlifting program. 

Private coaching is good for:

  • anyone who wants attention to detail from a coach in an one-on-one session.
  • athletes with specific goals for their sports and look to use the weightlifting movements as part of their program.
  • anyone with  little or no previous experience with the lifts or even physical activity.
  • lifters searching for a better understanding of technique to improve in their own lifting.

Interested or have any further questions? Please feel free to contact us or fill the form provided on the Contact page.



Weightlifting Workshops

Learn the principles of the snatch and the clean and jerk. Learn the biomechanics that govern the weightlifting movements. Equipped with this knowledge, you will be able to understand the progressions to learn the lifts in a safe and effective manner.

A weightlifting workshop is good for:

  • anyone who learn more about the intricacies of the weightlifting movements.
  • beginners looking to learn the lifts in a safe and progressive manner.
  • lifters looking to improve in their own lifting technique.
  • coaches wanting to gain biomechanical knowledge about the lifts to enhance their coaching methods.



2015 Calendar now out! Click here to find out more. 


Interested in attending or hosting one of these workshops at your gym? Please feel free to contact us or fill the form provided on the Contact page.

One thought on “Services.

  1. Rebecca daly says:

    Hi have had a friend who had recommended to organise some one on one coaching. Was looking into a course but after his recommendation was more interested in some one on one training. Can you please let me know location costs and available times. I am very keen and interested in getting started soon.
    Kind regards

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